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Awesome Alert: Mary Katrantzou | September 22, 2010

Mary Katrantzou is one of those designers who seems to exist to remind the more curmudgeonly among us that fashion is art.  A sort of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada of digital screenprinting, she works in three dimensions and makes the sort clothes Lady Gaga might wear if she were Edith Wharton. And she is perhaps the first designer to truly transcend the notion of woman as object.

Why not woman as indelible memory in a bottle?

Her debut collection was one of architectural dresses printed with images of perfume bottles. The fabric ripples with the mysterious joie de vivre that perfume itself purports to have but always lacks.  The dresses take you back to a time before we took all the mystery out of the feminine body.

Why not woman as home?

This week’s collection is one of architectural dresses printed with pictures from Architectural Digest and Interiors of the World. You probably wouldn’t wear it, you muse, but why didn’t you think of it?


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